> From: Benoit Person <>
> Currently, the mw-to-git project contains only a remote helper
> (git-remote-mediawiki.perl). To improve the user experience while
> working with mediawiki remotes, new tools, designed for such cases,
> should be created.

The above is too vague to be meaningful justification behind "should
be created".  It is unclear what "new tools" are being built, what
the success criteria to judge such "new tools" to see if they are
well "designed for such cases", etc.

Perhaps you meant something like "we would want to allow the user
to preview what he has edited locally before pushing it out".

> To achieve this goal, the project needs a way to
> share code between several scripts (remote helper, commands, ... ).

That is sensible, no matter what new things you are building, you
would want to build them on a solid foundation.
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