As I've mentioned before on the list, I don't use git-send-email, but
rather a home-grown script that interacts more closely with my regular
MUA.  After embarrassing myself on multiple occasions by its inability
to automatically handle sending patches by other authors, I decided to
implement send-email's "stick the original author in a body header"

However, doing it right is kind of tricky due to rfc822 quoting, rfc2047
encoding, and handling non-ascii names correctly. Instead, this patch
series takes a different approach: it teaches format-patch to do the
transformation itself, so that it can be used by my script along with
any other non-send-email workflows that exist (e.g., git-imap-send
suffers from the same problem).

  [1/2]: pretty.c: drop const-ness from pretty_print_context
  [2/2]: teach format-patch to place other authors into in-body "From"

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