Jens Lehmann <> writes:

> The only minor problem is that this patch still does not apply cleanly
> to master, next or pu (I wonder what you based this on ;-).

Older iteration of the topic has been queued directly on top of
v1.8.3.  When I replace a topic with its new version, I try to
rebuild on the same base.

This is primarily out of habit, but it makes comparison between the
two versions easier, and also "show-branch -g" output looks sane.

The workflow goes like this:

        : quick-glance the old iteration
        $ git log --boundary --oneline master..fg/submodule-clone-depth

        : can we rewind?  compare with the previous one for 'master'
        $ git log --boundary --oneline next..fg/submodule-clone-depth
        : if nothing has been merged to 'next', we can continue...

        : detach at the old base
        $ git checkout master...fg/submodule-clone-depth

        : apply
        $ git am -s3 ./+fg-submodule-clone-depth.mbox

        : inspect
        $ git show-branch @{-1} HEAD
        $ git diff @{-1}

        : replace
        $ git branch -f @{-1}

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