Brandon Casey <> writes:

>> ... by penalizing the common case by how much?  If it is not too
>> much, then this obviously would be a good change.
> For something the size of the git repo, 5 branches, and pushing with
> matching refspecs, I can't measure any difference.  The fastest time I
> record with or without this patch is the same:
>    $ time git push -n
>    real    0m0.178s
>    user    0m0.020s
>    sys     0m0.008s
> Ditto, when only pushing a single branch.  Preparing the string list for
> a repo with a "normal" number of refs has very little overhead.

My repository git.git and Linus's kernel are not "normal".  It did
not matter so far to have O(n*m) when pushing to our histories.

The case that matters is for somebody to be pushing one (or a few)
refs against a repository with many many refs, like pushing a review
request to Gerrit instance, which I think Martin has in mind.

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