Johannes Sixt <> writes:

> Am 7/3/2013 21:53, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
>> Johannes Sixt <> writes:
>>> I don't think that is necessary. We already have *two* options to
>>> force-push a ref: the + in front of refspec, and --force.
>> They mean exactly the same thing; the only difference being that "+"
>> prefix is per target ref, while "--force" covers everything, acting
>> as a mere short-hand to add "+" to everything you push.
> I know, and I'm saying that we do not have to keep this duplicity.

Of course we do.  If you change + prefix to "push but always require
tracking ref in the opposite direction", you will break existing
setup by (1) making it impossible to loosen the restriction per ref,
and (2) forcing people to have reverse tracking ref.

It is OK to introduce another prefix that mean a new thing.  It is
absolutely not OK to change the semantics of only one and not the
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