Jakub Narębski <jna...@gmail.com> wrote:
> First, do I understand corrctly that @extra_breadcrumbs are rendered *after*
> $home_link*, and in exactly the same manner?

Before the home link, and yes, in the same manner. The extra breadcrumbs
are for links to parent pages above gitweb in some hierarchy.

> But now I think that we can do better, simply put $home_link_str and 
> $home_link
> in @extra_breadcrumbs / @top_level_breadcrumbs / @nav_breadcrumbs before
> using it,

We could save a line that way:

-       print $cgi->a({-href => esc_url($home_link)}, $home_link_str) . " / ";
+       for my $crumb (@extra_breadcrumbs, [ $home_link_str => $home_link ]) {
+               print $cgi->a({-href => esc_url($crumb->[1])}, $crumb->[0]) . " 
/ ";
+       }

> P.S. It is a bit late, but wouldn't { name => $link_name, href => $link_url }
> (like %features hash) be a better solution than [ $link_name, $link_url ],
> i.e. hashref (named parameters) instead of arrayref (positional parameters).
> You wouldn't have to remember which is first: text or URL.

I thought the fat arrow would be mnemonic enough, and less verbose.

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