brian m. carlson wrote:
> diff --git a/git-send-email.perl b/git-send-email.perl
> index bd13cc8..ca86a13 100755
> --- a/git-send-email.perl
> +++ b/git-send-email.perl
> @@ -1199,9 +1199,11 @@ X-Mailer: git-send-email $gitversion
>                 else {
>                         require Net::SMTP;
>                         $smtp_domain ||= maildomain();
> -                       $smtp ||= Net::SMTP->new(smtp_host_string(),

Hm, so the problem occurs when you give smtp_host_string() to
Net::SMTP->new() as the first argument.

> +                       $smtp_server_port ||= 25;

So if smtp_host_string() returns a hostname without a port, then
Net::SMTP->new() will connect to port 25 by default?

> If the SMTP port is provided as part of the hostname to Net::SMTP, it passes
> the combined string to the SASL provider; this causes GSSAPI authentication to
> fail since Kerberos does not want the port information.  Instead, pass the 
> port
> as a separate argument as is done for SSL connections.

I need to be in a (firewalled?) network that uses Kerberos to
reproduce this, right?  Even if I can't reproduce it, the change seems
to be fine.

While we're on the subject, do you know how to get rid of this huge
ugly warning I get everytime I send emails?

 Using the default of SSL_verify_mode of SSL_VERIFY_NONE for client
 is deprecated! Please set SSL_verify_mode to SSL_VERIFY_PEER
 together with SSL_ca_file|SSL_ca_path for verification.
 If you really don't want to verify the certificate and keep the
 connection open to Man-In-The-Middle attacks please set
 SSL_verify_mode explicitly to SSL_VERIFY_NONE in your application.
  at /home/artagnon/src/git/git-send-email line 1200.

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