Alexey Shumkin <> writes:

> In previuos commit de6029a2d7734a93a9e27b9c4471862a47dd8123 single
> quotes were replaced with double quotes to make "$(commit_msg)"
> expression in heredoc to work. The same effect can be achieved by using
> "EOF" as a heredoc delimiter instead of "\EOF".


> -test_expect_success 'left alignment formatting' "
> -     git log --pretty='format:%<(40)%s' >actual &&
> +test_expect_success 'left alignment formatting' '
> +     git log --pretty="format:%<(40)%s" >actual &&
>       # complete the incomplete line at the end
>       echo >>actual &&
> -     qz_to_tab_space <<\EOF >expected &&
> +     qz_to_tab_space <<EOF >expected &&
>  message two                            Z
>  message one                            Z
>  add bar                                Z
>  $(commit_msg)                    Z
>  EOF
>       test_cmp expected actual
> -"
> +'

A subtle difference is that a call to commit_msg is made when the
test is actually run, not when the test script is prepared to be
passed (as a parameter) to test_expect_success helper.  I think the
result of applying this patch, i.e. running $(commit_msg) inside the
test, is easier to read and understand.
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