Matthieu Brucher <matthieu.brucher <at>> writes:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to convert a Perforce repository to git, knowing that:
> - I use client specs to remove a bunch of folders containing binaires
> (several GiB)
> - branch mappings may not be properly set, and I can't change them
> Now, the branches are layout like this:
> - Branch/Main <- master
> - Branch/Feature1
> - ...
> - Releases/2013
> - ...
> I would like to have these branches and releases branches inside by
> cloned git repository, but this doesn't work. I keep on getting each
> file with Project/Branch/Main as well as Project/Branch/Feature1 and
> all others in my master branch.
> I tried to add branchLists like this:
>         branchList = Branch/Main:Releases/2013
>         branchList = Releases/2013:Branch/Feature1
> but it doesn't change a thing with the following command:
>  git p4 clone --verbose --use-client-spec --detect-branches
> //Depot/Project <at> specificrevision
> I can see that branches are detected from the Perforce server, but
> none are actually detected for this specific project:
> p4-git branches: []
> initial parents: {}
> Can someone give a pointer to a tutorial or something for a complex
> case like this?

Hi Matthieu,

Could you please try using //Depot/Project<at>all instead of selecting a
specific revision? 
Also, by using that command it means that the following depot paths must

I've never used the --use-client-spec, so I'm not sure if that will not
break the branch detection code.


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