On Jul 5, 2013, at 13:48, David Rothenberger wrote:
I recently upgraded my Subversion server to 1.8.0 and started
receiving the following error from "git svn fetch":

Temp file with moniker 'svn_delta' already in use at /usr/lib/perl5/ vendor_perl/5.10/Git.pm line 1024.

This occurs only when using an http:// URL; svn:// URLs work fine.
The client is Cygwin: svn version 1.8.0 and git version

The subversion 1.8 release has removed the neon library, all svn client http access now always goes through the serf library. If you put "http-library = serf" in the "[global]" section of the "~/.subversion/servers" file you will get the 'svn_delta' error with git-svn when running earlier versions of the svn client as well.

I initially reported this to the subversion users mailing list, but
was (not so politely) told to report this to the git-svn authors.
I'm not so sure, since the problem goes away simply by downgrading
the subversion-perl bindings back to 1.7.

That changes the default http client access back to neon which doesn't exhibit the problem. Adding "http-library = serf" as described above will make the problem reappear with the 1.7 subversion-perl bindings (and the 1.6 as well).


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