On Jul 6, 2013, at 19:23, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
Kyle McKay wrote:

Unless bulk updates are disabled when using the serf access method
(the only one available with svn 1.8) for https?: urls,
apply_textdelta does indeed get called multiple times in a row
without an intervening temp_release.

You mean "Unless bulk updates are enabled" and "without an intervening
close_file", right?

The problem seems to be skelta mode although it may just be the fact that ra_serf has multiple connections outstanding and since ra_neon only ever has one it can't happen over ra_neon.

If the server disables bulk updates (SVNAllowBulkUpdates Off) all clients are forced to use skelta mode, even ra_neon clients.

This sounds like something that should be fixed in ra_serf.

Yes, but apparently it will not be.

But if the number of overlapping open text nodes is bounded by a low
number, the workaround of using multiple temp files sounds ok as a way
of dealing with unfixed versions of Subversion.

I believe it will never exceed twice ('svn_delta...' and 'git_blob...') the maximum number of serf connections allowed. Four by default (hard-coded prior to svn 1.8). Limited to between 1 and 8 on svn 1.8. Actually it looks like from my testing that it won't ever exceed twice the (max number of serf connections - 1).

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