Ramkumar Ramachandra <artag...@gmail.com> writes:

> 236157 (Teach git-describe how to run name-rev, 2007-05-21) introduced
> `git name-rev --name-only`, with the intent of using it to implement
> `git describe --contains`.  According to the message, users wanted to
> use describe to figure out which tags contains a specific commit.
> name-rev already did this, but didn't print out in the same format as
> describe:
>   $ git describe v1.8.3~1
>   v1.8.3-rc3-8-g5e49f30
> ...  As a result, while
>   $ git describe --contains v1.8.3~1
>   v1.8.3~1

The above two look consistent, yes.

> would get name-rev to print output in the same format as describe,
>   $ git describe --contains --all v1.8.3~1
>   tags/v1.8.3~1
> would not strip the leading "tags/".

If you _know_ v1.8.3 does not appear outside "tags/", this does look
inconsistent, but I do not think the code checks it.  Ahd if the
code does not, I am not sure not stripping "tags/" is necessarily a
bad thing, because "--all" allows names to come outside "tags/"

Also how should this interact with v1.8.3-1-g98c5c4a that changed
the rule somewhat so that the common prefix is stripped when we know
the result is not ambiguous?
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