Thomas Rast <> writes:

> o->call_depth has a double function: a nonzero call_depth means we
> want to construct virtual merge bases, but it also means we want to
> avoid touching the worktree.  Introduce a new flag o->no_worktree for
> the latter.

I do remember discussing this with you the other day, and while I do
agree that we may not want to touch the working tree in the
outermost merge (i.e. o->call_depth is zero) in some applications, I
do not think of a situation where you _do_ want to touch working
tree while performing the inner merge.  I'd feel safer if the code
said that "no matter what no-worktree option says, we won't touch
the working tree if o->call_depth is not zero" clearly in some way,

        if (o->call_depth || o->in_index_merge)
                return; /* leave without touching working tree */

In other words, I do not like the part of the code that pretends
these two are independent options, when what we really want is to
have two modes for the outermost (o->call_depth == 0) case.
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