On Mon, Jul 08, 2013 at 02:56:57PM +0200, Michael Schubert wrote:
> $gmane/201715 brought up the idea to fetch --prune by default.
> Since --prune is a "potentially destructive operation" (Git doesn't
> keep reflogs for deleted references yet), we don't want to prune
> without users consent.
> To accommodate users who want to either prune always or when fetching
> from a particular remote, add two new configuration variables
> "fetch.prune" and "remote.<name>.prune":
>  - "fetch.prune" allows to enable prune for all fetch operations.
>  - "remote.<name>.prune" allows to change the behaviour per remote.

Should this be "remote.<name>.pruneFetch"?  I'd quite like to be able to
configure --prune for git-push as well (I just haven't got around to
actually doing anything about it yet...) and it might be better to be
explicit in the remote.<name> section from the start.

I'm not sure it's necessary since we already have "remote" and
"pushremote" so we could have "prune" and "pushprune" but perhaps it's
worth considering.
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