Am 08.07.2013 23:39, schrieb Rick Liu:

Currently when doing "git checkout" (either for a branch or a tag),
if the file doesn't exist before,
the file will be created using current datetime.

This causes problem while trying to tar the git repository source files 
(excluding .git folder).
The tar binary can be different
even all of file contents are the same (eg. from the same GIT commit)
because the mtime for the files might be different due to different "git 
checkout" time.

User A checkout the commit at time A and then tarball the folder.
User B checkout the same commit as time B and then tarball the folder.
The result tarball are binary different
even though all of tarball contents are the same
except the mtime for each file.

Can we use GIT's commit time as the mtime for all of files/folders when we do "git 

That would break tools like make which rely on a files mtime to build them. They wouldn't be able to detect switching between source file versions that are older than the latest build.

You can use "git archive" to create tar files in which all entries have their mtime set to the commit time. Such archives only contain tracked (committed) files, though. And different versions of git can create slightly different archives, but such changes have been rare.


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