Muhammad Bashir Al-Noimi <> writes:

> I'm bzr user and I want to migrate to git. Generally I use bzr through
> Bazaar Explorer which is very easy & neat GUI utility for managing bzr
> repositories. May you please guide me to most easy way to migrate to
> Git?

(I think it's a mistake to stick to GUI: the concepts are easier to
understand with Git commands IMHO")

But there are nice GUIs for Git too. The "official" one is git gui,
distributed with Git. I do not like the visual aspect a lot, but it has
a very good coverage of Git's functionalities. Otherwise, have a look at

git-cola is a good one.

> * I'm very comfortable with bzr (it has awesome GUI utility) but I
> decided to leave it because of its technical weakness by comparing to
> git.

Another reason to migrate is that bzr's developpement has stopped :-(.

> * Most git hosting I'm interesting in is because it's
> from open source family (that's what I read about) may you correct me
> if I'm wrong? runs with free software (you can host a gitorious at home
if you want). is probably the most popular hosting site, it
uses a lot of free software (and GitHub contributes a lot to free
software), but the complete solution is closed-source (you'll have to
pay if you want to run it at home, and won't be able to modify it).

There are tons of alternatives. See e.g.

Matthieu Moy
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