On Tue, Jul 09, 2013 at 10:27:29PM +0000, Matt Kraai wrote:

> > Nice catch. We cannot use variadic macros, because we support pre-C99
> > compilers that do not have them. But the sentinel attribute is a good
> > idea. Here's a patch.
> This attribute could also be used for
> builtin/revert.c:verify_opt_compatible,
> builtin/revert.c:verify_opt_mutually_compatible, exec_cmd.h:execl_git_cmd,
> and run-command.h:run_hook.

Thanks. I did a full grep of '\.\.\.' on the source, and found that we
have missed some cases for the "format" attribute, too.

This series fixes all of them in the main code base (not compat/ or
contrib/). But see the comments in patch 3, as I'm not sure that case is
worth doing.

  [1/3]: add missing "format" function attributes
  [2/3]: use "sentinel" function attribute for variadic lists
  [3/3]: wt-status: use "format" function attribute for status_printf

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