Eric Sunshine <> writes:

>> I find it easier than your original, but I do not know if you would
>> want to repeat the "Name... or <user@host>" at the end.  It does not
>> seem to add much useful information and is distracting.
> Next attempt:
>     For each ``Name $$<user@host>$$'' or ``$$<user@host>$$'' from the
>     command-line or standard input (when using `--stdin`) look up the
>     person's canonical name and email address (see "Mapping Authors"
>     below). If found, print them; otherwise print the input as-is.


> ... Is it desirable to do so
> or should the user have more fine-grained control? ("xargs -0" comes
> to mind when thinking of a null-termination input switch.)

For the purposes of check-attr and check-ignore, a single "-z"
governing both is sufficient.  I think you already got that from my
4-patch series, but the core reason for that is :

 - when "-z" is used, the user knows the input paths may need
   protection against LF.

 - our output contains these same paths.

 - which means our output cannot be expressed unambiguously using LF
   as record separator.

For the purpose of check-mailmap, I actually do not see much point
in supporting "-z" format.  We do not even handle names or addresses
with LF in it.  The mailmap format would not let you express such
records in the first place, no?
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