Thomas Rast <> writes:

> #1 is Dale's suggested change.  Dale, to include it we'd need your
> Signed-off-by as per Documentation/SubmittingPatches.
> #2 is a similar error-checking fix; I reviewed 'git grep "\bopen\b"'
> and found one case where the return value was obviously not tested.
> The corresponding Windows code path has the same problem, but I dare
> not touch it; perhaps someone from the Windows side can look into it?
> I originally had a four-patch series to open 0/1/2 from /dev/null, but
> then I noticed that this was shot down in 2008:

The way I recall the thread was not "shot down" but more like
"fizzled out without seeing a clear consensus".  As a normal POSIX
program, we do rely on fd#2 connected to an error stream, and I do
agree with the general sentiment of that old thread that it is very
wrong for warning() or die() to write to a pipe or file descriptor
we opened for some other purpose, corrupting the destination.

I briefly wondered if we can do the sanity check lazily (e.g. upon
first warning() see of fd#2 is open and otherwise die silently), but
we may open a fd (e.g. to create a new loose object) that may happen
to grab fd#2 and then it is too late for us to do anything about it,

> Do you want to resurrect this?
> The worst part about it is that because we don't have a stderr to rely
> on, we can't simply die("stop playing mind games").

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