Richard Hartmann wrote:

>       fwiw, I replaced my one single echo with heredoc as you
> suggested I do that. I don't mind undoing that, or I can drop it from
> this series altogether.
> Guidance would be appreciated. :)

Thanks for your work, and no problem.

Both Junio's and my responses were about the (confusing and false)
commit message.  Code is not the only thing that matters when
submitting a patch --- commit messages become part of the product,
too, and are especially important as documentation that guides future

So my advice is to fix the commit message, prepare improvements to
later patches in the series with help from reviewers where needed,
and then resubmit.

My review also included some advice about the code.  Naturally I
would be happy if that was of use, too. ;-)

Hope that helps,
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