Am 14.07.2013 22:34, schrieb Jonathan Nieder:
> Johannes Sixt wrote:
>> Sorry, IMO, this goes into a totally wrong direction, in particular, I
>> think that this is going to close to door to make --lockref the default
>> some day in a way that helps everyone.
> Would a '*' that acts like --lockref on a per ref basis address your
> concerns?

No, because I think that new syntax is not necessary.

But admittedly, I haven't spent any time to think about push.default
modes other than 'matching'. In particular, I wonder how Junio's last
example with push.default=simple can work today:

   $ git pull --rebase  # not a merge
   $ git push

because it is not a fast-forward. I am assuming that a +refspec must be
in the game somehow. Why would we then need that --lockref implies
allow-no-ff when we already have +refspec that already means allow-no-ff?

But as I said, I'm not familiar with push.default other than matching
and my assumption may be wrong.

-- Hannes

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