Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> (3)
>       # An example hook ...
>       #
>       # Warning: this script is no longer actively maintained.  Consider
>       # switching to ...
> I prefer (2), which makes it clear to the reader that it is dangerous
> to keep using the script (since no one is actively chasing down bugs)
> while also making it clear why a potentially buggy script with a good
> natural successor is still in contrib for now.  What do you think?

I don't think it is dangerous to keep using the old script. If you look
at its history, it's pretty stable these day. I think it has known bugs
in new revision detections that are fixed by git-multimail, but nothing
really blocking IMHO.

There are two good reasons to use it: 1) you already use it, and you're
too lazy to change (e.g. because it's packaged by Debian and is already
there on your server), and 2) you don't have Python on your server.

I think the notice still deserve the "***NOTICE***" or whatever makes it
visible enough to distinguish it from the traditional licence &
non-warranty header, but I don't think we should kill the old script too

Matthieu Moy
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