Matthieu Moy wrote:
> Jonathan Nieder <> writes:
>> Matthieu Moy wrote:

>>> All options that trigger a patch output now override --no-patch.
>>> The case of --binary is particular as the name may suggest that it turns
>> Usage nit: this should say "is unusual" 
> I don't get it. The point is not that --binary is unusual, but that it
> is a particular case that deserves extra attention.

Ah, so you mean: "The case of --binary deserves extra attention
because ...".

"is particular" would be an unusual expression, meaning something like
"is made of particles".  It's a weird case in English usage where a
word commonly appears attached to a noun ("This particular case") but
cannot be used as the RHS of "is" ("This case is particular").

>> A couple of other test ideas:
>>  - "git diff-files --patch --no-patch"
>>  - "git diff-files -s --patch-with-stat"
> I'd rather avoid having a too long list here, or we'll end-up testing
> all combinations of options ...

Sure.  The point of "--patch --no-patch" is to test that ordering is
respected.  The point of "--no-patch --patch-with-stat" is so we
remember that there are options other than --patch that should
override --no-patch, for example if this code is ever converted to
parse_options some day.

> I'll send a reroll tomorrow.

Thanks for the quick and thoughtful work.
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