> Why would you want to limit those files to be source for HTML only?
> The HTML after this patch is still fine.

Have you thought the reason why the formatted result _before_ the patch is good?

These *.txt files are asciidoc formatted source files. They are meant
to be easy to read and edit without distracting mark-ups (unlike roff
and html), but with one big precondition: your tab-width ought to be
8. That is how asciidoc expands the tab when producing the formatted
output, and that is why the formatted result _before_ the patch is

Expanding these tabs to all spaces do not buy us anything, other than
source code bloat, and with one downside.

It would give a false impression that it somehow is OK to open these
*.txt files with a wrong tab-width setting, and even worse, edit them.
You may even type a new tab yourself to indent by 4 places, and
formatted result will be broken by such a person.

It would signal that your tab-width setting is not suitable to
view/edit these files if the elements in the illustration do not line
up. View it as a bonus safety feature ;-)
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