Subtests 6,7, and 9 of t3032 fail on Cygwin, and I presume will fail on msysgit for similar reasons. Looking at test 6, the expected result is a line ending with \r\n in text.txt. This line is extracted with grep (grep 'justice and holiness' text.txt > actual), with unavoidable result that on Cygwin the line ending is \n. This happens because on Cygwin, the text utils are compiled to open files in text mode meaning than \n and \r\n are both recognized as EOL markers. Thus, even though text.txt is an exact match for what is created on Linux, the test fails because \r\n cannot be distinguished by the available tools.

I'm not sure the right way forward. I did confirm that by substituting "q_to_tab" for "q_to_cr" in t3032, the test pass on Cygwin and on Linux. Perhaps t3032 should be so amended to avoid use of a non-portable line ending construct?

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