Thomas Gummerer <> writes:

> Ah ok, I understand.  I think it's best to add a GIT_INDEX_VERSION=x
> config option to config.mak, where x is the index version that should be
> tested.

Whatever you do, please do not call it GIT_INDEX_VERSION _if_ it is
only to be used while testing.  Have string "TEST" somewhere in the
name, and make t/ take notice.

Currently, the way for the user to show the preference as to which
index version to use is to explicitly set the version once, and then
we will (try to) propagate it inside the repository.

I would not mind if we add a mechanism to make write_index() notice
the environment variable GIT_INDEX_VERSION and write the index in
that version.  But that is conceptually very different from whatever
you give "make VARIABLE=blah" from the command line when building
Git (or set in config.mak which amounts to the same thing).
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