After upgrade to subversion 1.8.0 on some repositories
git svn clone shows two warnings:

error closing pipe: Bad file descriptor at
/home/users/kornet/giti/libexec/git-core/git-svn line 0.

at exit. They appear because process git cat-file --batch exits before
command_close_bidi_pipe is called by destructor during perl exit.  The
solution is to call the destructor explicitly, e.q.:

index ff1ce3d..6811738 100755
--- a/git-svn.perl
+++ b/git-svn.perl
@@ -2068,6 +2068,10 @@ sub gc_directory {
+END {
+    undef $_repository;
 Data structures:

However I'm not sure whether it is not a symptom of some other error.
What's confuses me more is that the warnings don't appear for all
repositories. For example they appear for
while cloning ends normally.
On the other hand it is consistent between two different machines with
different Linux distributions and perl versions.

  Kacper Kornet
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