On Jul 18, 2013, at 11:34, David Rothenberger wrote:
Kyle J. McKay <mackyle <at> gmail.com> writes:

+sub temp_is_locked {
+       my ($self, $name) = _maybe_self( <at> _);
+       my $temp_fd = \$TEMP_FILEMAP{$name};
+ defined $$temp_fd && $$temp_fd->opened && $TEMP_FILES{$$temp_fd} {locked};
=item temp_release ( NAME )

=item temp_release ( FILEHANDLE )
<at>  <at>  -1248,7 +1277,7  <at>  <at>  sub _temp_cache {

        my $temp_fd = \$TEMP_FILEMAP{$name};
        if (defined $$temp_fd and $$temp_fd->opened) {
-               if ($TEMP_FILES{$$temp_fd}{locked}) {
+               if (temp_is_locked($name)) {
                        throw Error::Simple("Temp file with moniker '" .
                                $name . "' already in use");

There's a problem with this use of temp_is_locked. There is an else
clause right after this:

        } else {
                if (defined $$temp_fd) {
                        # then we're here because of a closed handle.

Prior to the patch, the comment is correct, but after the patch, the
if block may also be entered if the file is open but locked. This is
because temp_is_locked checks that the temp file is defined, open,
and locked.

This issue leads to lots of

 Temp file 'svn_delta_3360_0' was closed. Opening replacement.

messages for me.

Reverting the change in _temp_cache solves the problem for me.
Adding an " && !$$temp_fd->opened" clause to the if statement also
works, but this is less efficient.

That change was made as a result of this feedback:

On Jul 6, 2013, at 17:11, Jonathan Nieder wrote:

Kyle McKay wrote:

The temp_is_locked function can be used to determine whether
or not a given name previously passed to temp_acquire is
currently locked.
+=item temp_is_locked ( NAME )
+Returns true if the file mapped to C<NAME> is currently locked.
+If true is returned, an attempt to C<temp_acquire()> the same


Looking more closely, it looks like this is factoring out the idiom
for checking if a name is already in use from the _temp_cache
function.  Would it make sense for _temp_cache to call this helper?

So I think the answer is it does not make sense for _temp_cache to call this helper.

Will release a v4 in just a moment with that single change reverted.
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