Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> Ramsay Jones wrote:
>> One of the three gcc compilers that I use does not understand the
>> sentinel function attribute. (so, it spews 108 warning messages)
> Do you know what version of gcc introduced the sentinel attribute?
> Would it make sense for the ifdef in git-compat-util.h to be keyed on 
> __GNUC__ and __GNUC_MINOR__ instead of a new makefile flag?

I have on old (v4.2.1) gcc repo on Linux and looking at


I can see that the sentinel attribute was added on 2004-09-04 by
Kaveh R. Ghazi.

Also, I find "bump version string to version 4.0.0" was on 2004-09-09
and "bump version string to version 3.5.0" was on 2004-01-16.

Several of my system header files (on Linux) imply that the
sentinel attribute is supported by __GNUC__ >= 4. (One of them,
ansidecl.h, states that gcc 3.5 supports it but ...)

Ramsay Jones

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