Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> We should remove the support for "-q" in Git 2.0.
> Nooooo.  I hope you are teasing.
> I don't mind seeing support for "-q" dropped, but I really don't think
> it's worth delaying git 2.0 for that.  Would s/in Git 2.0/in some
> future release/ be ok?

I do not think keeping the support for "-q" in is any huge burden.
We do not have to remove it, forever, for that matter.

The option is so obscure that (1) I would suspect that only a few
very old scripts would use it, (2) even the users who use such a
script every day would not know what the script is doing with the
option, and (3) we would not know if such scripts exist until a long
time passes after we include patches up to this step in a released

That is why the patch 7/6 rolls the removal into a version bump at
which we promised to have a bunch of backward incompatible changes
to people.
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