it would be nice to have a parameter on 'git clone' that not only clones the 
repo, but also creates local branches for ALL the branches that are in the 
repo. I'm new to git, but I found it very confusing to understand the 
difference between "remote" , "remotes". Is it in the cloned repo, or is it in  
a remote place? If its local, why doesn't it get shown when I do 'git branch' 
but when I do 'git branch -a'. For example, I create a project locally with 
multiple branches, push it, delete it locally and clone it back to my machine. 
On a 'git branch' I would only see the head branch. I understand that there are 
projects that have a lot of branches that are not needed for that specific 
developer, but still it would be nice if one could specify this at clone time. 
Something like 'git clone <theRepo> -createLocalBranchesForAllBranches' . Of 
course the param shouldn't be that long. I could write a script with for each 
in but thats way too much hassle and effort for something that should be there 
already and I don't think I am the first to get confused by this.

I'd like to know your opinions about that and what you think about the 
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