Eric Sunshine <> writes:

>> +When `git pull` that does not explicitly specify what branch from
>> +which repository is to be integrated with your history on the
>> +command line, recent Git will refuse to work until you specify how
>> +that integration should happen, either with a command line option
>> +(`--merge` or `--rebase`) or a configuration variable (`pull.rebase`
>> +or `branch.<name>.rebase`, which is the same as `--merge`
>> +(`--rebase`) when set to `false` (`true`) respectively.
> This paragraph-long single sentence may be intimidating. Perhaps some
> simplification is possible:
>     As a safety measure, bare `git pull` (without repository or
>     branch) needs to be told how to integrate pulled changes with
>     your history; either via `--merge` or `--rebase`.  Also see
>     configuration variables `pull.rebase` and `branch.<name>.rebase`
>     in linkgit:git-config[1].
> I intentionally omitted the true/false explanation of the
> configuration variables since the user can follow the link and read
> about them. It also may make sense to drop mention of those variables
> altogether since they are already described (including link) in the
> description of --rebase.
> I also intentionally omitted "recent Git" since it's rather nebulous.

Looks much better than the original.  I would further suggest
dropping the "As a safety measure, bare " at the beginning.

      `git pull` (without repository or branch on the command line)
      needs to be told how to integrate the changes with your
      history via either `--merge` or `--rebase` (see configuration
      variables `pull.rebase` and `branch.<name>.rebase` in


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