Hi there

I've created a very small change to git gui that considerably improves
the experience on my machine at least:

diff --git a/git-gui/macosx/Info.plist b/git-gui/macosx/Info.plist
index b3bf15f..1ade121 100644
--- a/git-gui/macosx/Info.plist
+++ b/git-gui/macosx/Info.plist
@@ -24,5 +24,7 @@
+       <key>NSHighResolutionCapable</key>
+       <true/>

I've read the documentation for submitting patches to git where it
says that I have to e-mail the patch to the mail list, with relevant
developers as CC. Pat are you the relevant developer for this?

Here is a screenshot comparison of before and after the change:


Please let me know how to proceed to get this patch in, if you like
it. I've never contributed here before, so please me know about any
procedures I have missed.

Regards, Mads Dørup
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