Jonathan Nieder <> writes:

> How about something like the following?
> diff --git i/cache.h w/cache.h
> index f2915509..ba028b75 100644
> --- i/cache.h
> +++ w/cache.h
> @@ -1124,6 +1124,7 @@ struct object_info {
>               } packed;
>       } u;
>  };
> +#define OBJECT_INFO_INIT { NULL, NULL, OI_CACHED, { { NULL, 0, 0 } } }

There are quite a many hits from

        $ git grep '= { *NULL *};'

only some of which are "char *var[] = { NULL }", which is perfectly
fine, but others are to initialise "struct foo" (or "foo_t" which is
typedef'ed) that share the same "writing NULL means the initialiser
knows the order of the fields".

I doubt if the above #define is a maintainable solution, and worse
yet, thinking about the fact that such a macro is necessary only for
a structure whose first field happens to be of a pointer type, it
strongly suggests me that it is not conceptually the right thing to

Can't we have sparse fixed (or skip this specific warning) instead?
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