Ondřej Bílka <nel...@seznam.cz> writes:

> Hi, I wrote a tool that effectively fixes typos in comments and only in
> comments.
> It can be downloaded here:
> https://github.com/neleai/stylepp
> For typos you need identify them, write replacement dictionary and run
> STYLEPP/script/stylepp_skeleton stylepp_fix_comment
> Here generic dictionary is used that was taken from wikipedia.
> https://github.com/neleai/stylepp/blob/master/maintained/dictionary_wiki

Thanks, but sorry we cannot use this patch as-is (even if it were
signed-off and came with a proper log message).

The patch touches phrases somebody may find questionable at many
different levels.

 - "lowercase ok" and "fall thru" are quite acceptable colloquial
   forms; if the person who DID the real work chose to write these
   in such a way, I do not see a reason for us to update it to a
   different preference.

 - There are outright typoes that noboddy would disagree with,
   e.g. s/sinse/since/.

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