dborow...@google.com writes:

> From: Dave Borowitz <dborow...@google.com>
> HTTP servers may send Set-Cookie headers in a response and expect them
> to be set on subsequent requests. By default, libcurl behavior is to
> store such cookies in memory and reuse them across requests within a
> single session. However, it may also make sense, depending on the
> server and the cookies, to store them across sessions. Provide users
> an option to enable this behavior, writing cookies out to the same
> file specified in http.cookiefile.
> ---

Makes sense.

I briefly wondered if users want to be able to selectively store
cookies only from certain sites but not from others.  But if we are
going to build this on top of Kyle J. McKay's "Per URL http.<url>.* 
configuration" series, that will fall out as a natural consequence,
I think.

Please sign-off your patch.  Thanks.
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