On Tue, Jul 23, 2013 at 11:40 PM, Joern Hees <d...@joernhees.de> wrote:
> 6796d49 introduced a bug by making shared_path == ".git/hg' which
> will most likely exist already, causing a new remote never to be
> cloned and subsequently causing hg.share to fail with error msg:
> "mercurial.error.RepoError: repository .git/hg not found"

Indeed, no clone is performed if the .git/hg dir already exists.
I think it assumes that it's already done.
That will certainly lead to the failure you are reporting.

Also, the directory can be created to store marks for a local repository.
remote-hg won't require nor do a local clone in .git/hg for local repositories.

It should also be noted that once .git/hg is not empty, it will no
longer be possible to create a mercurial repository in there (it will
die with "destination '.git/hg'  is not empty")

I think the best way would be to create the shared repository in
.git/hg/$share, with $share being a path that can't be a remote name
(so that it doesn't conflict with remote directories),
and then apply the following patch (copied in gmail)

diff --git a/contrib/remote-helpers/git-remote-hg
index 0194c67..21c8091 100755
--- a/contrib/remote-helpers/git-remote-hg
+++ b/contrib/remote-helpers/git-remote-hg
@@ -390,7 +390,7 @@ def get_repo(url, alias):
         if not os.path.exists(dirname):
-        shared_path = os.path.join(gitdir, 'hg')
+        shared_path = os.path.join(gitdir, 'hg', $share)
         if not os.path.exists(shared_path):
                 hg.clone(myui, {}, url, shared_path, update=False, pull=True)

That way, the share can be created even if .git/hg already exists
(because of a previous import, before the shared machinery existed, or
because you already have a local remote).

> Changing gitdir to dirname causes shared_path ==
> .git/hg/<remote_name>/hg. The call to hg.share with local_path ==
> .git/hg/<remote_name>/clone works again.

I think that will be a problem, because then the shared_path will no
longer be shared, will it ?
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