On 22-07-13 21:35, Paul Campbell wrote:

Sorry for the delay. Not been monitoring the list lately.

I'm afraid work stopped for two reasons. Lack of interest from the
list was the main one. I understand subtree isn't used much and
subsequently there wasn't much interest in reviewing the patches I was
putting out. As a result I lost interest.

It seems to be hard to get anything done on such a busy list. :( Especially when the maintainers lack time/attention for such a contrib.

I think including it in the contrib folder has not done us any good.

Maybe we should just focus on maintaining a separate repo, which could be based of https://github.com/apenwarr/git-subtree (which has already 92 forks, including one of mine). And obviously integrate all the recent work from Paul.


Met vriendelijke groet / Regards,

Herman van Rink
Initfour websolutions

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