I need to re-organize a project using git. This project currently has
3 separate (central) repositories and I will need to move a large
number of files back and forth between them. While doing this, there
is development going on on each branch, and the restructuring will
take some time. I have been continuously rebasing my refactor branches
from master in each respective repository.

Is there an established way of doing this sort of complex cross
repository refactoring in a way that preserves the history across
repositories and takes advantage of git's rename merge logic across
repositories, by say moving all repos into a third one, do the merge
and move back?

Effectively, I have three repositories, A, B, and C. I want to move
files from B to A and C and preserve history. This is not a simple
move of one directory, but a large number of individual files being
moved to new locations, renamed, updated etc. I have been working
across A, B, and C, moving and updating files, but this will obviously
not keep the history of the files being moved across repositories. I
imagine that it would be possible to create a new repository D, import
A, B, and C into sub directories, rebase to merge the individual
commits on A, B, and C into one new big commit on D that will make git
understand that files have been moved across, not just removed in one
place and deleted from another, then apply the changes back to each
individual repository?

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