On 13-07-26 01:19 PM, Daniele Segato wrote:
> By the way which is your role in the community?
> Don't want to be rude, I just don't know who I'm talking about :) the
> documentation maintainer?

I'm just a git user and (very) occasional contributor.

There's not much structure to the git community.  Anyone who wants git to
change can post a patch (or patch series) to this list.  The patch can touch
any area of the code, and it's considered good manners to CC whoever last
touched the part(s) of the code being patched.

The patch is discussed and revised as needed, and eventually the patch
thread's participants arrive at a consensus as to whether or not the patch
should become a part of git.  If the patch is accepted the git maintainer
(Junio C. Hamano) shepherds the patch through git's release process.  See
this note:
for more about that and other aspects of the git development community.


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