Looks like this was introduced in

To reproduce, run

git init repo
cd repo
mkdir splitme
touch splitme/foo
git add splitme/
git commit -m 'Add foo'
git subtree split -P splitme -b splitme-only

After that, I get:

$ git log splitme-only
commit 6ce8124a0b5e52d4bba198144d2f3f664d7b19e7
Author: me
Date:   Fri Jul 26 12:22:27 2013 -0500
    Add foo

Compared with the original:

$ git log master
commit 6d5164076bd88d1dab8963d91ec013372e58a444
Author: me
Date:   Fri Jul 26 12:22:27 2013 -0500
    Add foo

Notice how `-n<newline>` has been prepended to the commit message.

This was introduced when subtree was changed to use `sh` instead of
`bash`, in this
This was merged in here:

I verified that changing the line in question back to `#!/bin/bash`
eliminates the problem.

I believe that it was caused by the fact that sh echos the "-n" in
this line: 

Note that this consequently happens when, for instance, using `git
subtree push` to push the subtree to an upstream repository.

I'm using OS X 10.8.4. The problem does not occur on Ubuntu at least
since Ubuntu's sh is actually dash.
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