The slab initialization code includes the calculation of the
slab 'elem_size', which is in turn used to determine the size
(capacity) of the slab. Each element of the slab represents an
array, of length 'stride', of 'elemtype'. (Note that it may be
clearer if the define_commit_slab macro parameter was called
'basetype' rather than 'elemtype'). However, the 'elem_size'
calculation incorrectly uses 'sizeof(struct slabname)' in the
expression, rather than 'sizeof(elemtype)'.

Within the slab access routine, <slabname>_at(), the given commit
'index' is transformed into an (slab#, slot#) pair used to address
the required element (a pointer to the first element of the array
of 'elemtype' associated with that commit). The current code to
calculate these address coordinates multiplies the commit index
by the 'stride' which, at least for the slab#, produces the wrong
result. Using the commit index directly, without scaling by the
'stride', produces the correct 'logical' address.

Also, when allocating a new slab, the size of the allocation only
allows for a slab containing elements of single element arrays of
'elemtype'. This should allow for elements of an array of length
'stride' of 'elemtype'. In order to fix this, we need to change
the element size parameter to xcalloc() by multiplying the current
element size (sizeof(**s->slab)) by the s->stride.

Having changed the calculation of the slot#, we now need to convert
the logical 'nth_slot', by scaling with s->stride, into the correct
physical address.

Signed-off-by: Ramsay Jones <>

Hi Junio,

While looking into a sparse warning, which involved the use of the
"commit-slab.h" header file, I noticed some problems with that code.
(at least I _think_ I did! ;-)

I was convinced, just by reading the code in the header, that when
used with stride > 1, the memory allocated to a slab would not be
sufficient. (ie it would be too small by:
    s->slab_size * (sizeof(**s->slab) * (stride - 1))
). So, I had expected to provoke memory
error reports when run under valgrind.

Hmm, it didn't ... so much for that theory! :-D

So, I'm a little puzzled; I must be missing something obvious, which
is why this is marked RFC.

What am I missing?

Ramsay Jones

 commit-slab.h | 13 ++++++-------
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

diff --git a/commit-slab.h b/commit-slab.h
index 7d48163..d4c8286 100644
--- a/commit-slab.h
+++ b/commit-slab.h
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ static void init_ ##slabname## _with_stride(struct slabname 
*s,               \
        if (!stride)                                                    \
                stride = 1;                                             \
        s->stride = stride;                                             \
-       elem_size = sizeof(struct slabname) * stride;                   \
+       elem_size = sizeof(elemtype) * stride;                          \
        s->slab_size = COMMIT_SLAB_SIZE / elem_size;                    \
        s->slab_count = 0;                                              \
        s->slab = NULL;                                                 \
@@ -72,11 +72,10 @@ static void clear_ ##slabname(struct slabname *s)           
 static elemtype *slabname## _at(struct slabname *s,                    \
                                const struct commit *c)                 \
 {                                                                      \
-       int nth_slab, nth_slot, ix;                                     \
+       int nth_slab, nth_slot;                                         \
-       ix = c->index * s->stride;                                      \
-       nth_slab = ix / s->slab_size;                                   \
-       nth_slot = ix % s->slab_size;                                   \
+       nth_slab = c->index / s->slab_size;                             \
+       nth_slot = c->index % s->slab_size;                             \
        if (s->slab_count <= nth_slab) {                                \
                int i;                                                  \
@@ -89,8 +88,8 @@ static elemtype *slabname## _at(struct slabname *s,           
        }                                                               \
        if (!s->slab[nth_slab])                                         \
                s->slab[nth_slab] = xcalloc(s->slab_size,               \
-                                           sizeof(**s->slab));         \
-       return &s->slab[nth_slab][nth_slot];                            \
+                                           sizeof(**s->slab) * s->stride);     
+       return &s->slab[nth_slab][nth_slot * s->stride];                        
 }                                                                      \
 static int stat_ ##slabname## realloc

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