David Aguilar wrote:

> --- a/imap-send.c
> +++ b/imap-send.c
> @@ -22,14 +22,11 @@
>   *  Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA
>   */
> -#include "cache.h"
> -#include "exec_cmd.h"
> -#include "run-command.h"
> -#include "prompt.h"
>  #ifdef NO_OPENSSL
>  typedef void *SSL;
>  #else
> +/* git-compat-util.h overwrites ctype.h; this must be included first */
>  #include <CommonCrypto/CommonHMAC.h>

Thanks for your work on this.

Currently each translation unit of git includes git-compat-util.h or a
header like cache.h that includes git-compat-util.h before doing
anything else, since otherwise feature test macros are not set before
the first system header is included.

The above (CommonCrypto needing to be included before some of the
definitions from git-compat-util.h) suggests to me that CommonCrypto
should just be included directly from git-compat-util.h in some
appropriate place.  That way any other header that needs CommonCrypto
routines only has to include git-compat-util.h first as usual and
doesn't have to worry about the order of other #includes.  Could that

Thanks and hope that helps,
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