Marc Branchaud <> writes:

> Unfortunately no automated system is perfect (see some of my comments below).
>  I'm all for an automated system that identifies potential misspellings, but
> I'm wary of anything that attempts to automatically correct perceived errors,
> or that can't be overruled.  In the end a human must make the final decision.

I'd actually prefer to see no patch that says "this was done with an
automatic tool".  You can use automation on your end all you want,
but the final result needs to be eyeballed before sending it out,
and at that point both the credit and the blame lies on you, not any
automated tool.

>>  core.sharedRepository::
>> -    When 'group' (or 'true'), the repository is made shareable between
>> +    When 'group' (or 'true'), the repository is made sharable between
>>      several users in a group (making sure all the files and objects are
>>      group-writable). When 'all' (or 'world' or 'everybody'), the
>>      repository will be readable by all users, additionally to being
>> -    group-shareable. When 'umask' (or 'false'), Git will use permissions
>> +    group-sharable. When 'umask' (or 'false'), Git will use permissions
> "Sharable" is the North American spelling.  AFAIK git doesn't specify what
> kind of English the documentation source files should use.  Perhaps one day
> there'll be en_UK and en_US translations, and all the sources will be written
> in Klingon...


It often is a good idea to ask your search engine "What is X", and I
seem to get a positive result for "what is shareable" just fine.
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