On Tue, Jul 30, 2013 at 11:32:22AM +0200, Gabriel Jover wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am trying to avoid using git submodules and thus I am testing if
> git subtree fit my needs.
> I have a set of sub-projects linked to a main-project.

Just out of curiosity, why are you trying to avoid submodules?

> Git subtree is very convenient to get all the sub-projects into the
> main-project directory tree
> and to send back sub-project commits to the corresponding repository.
> But I don't understand the work flow very well.

I haven't used subtree that much however how do you commit to upstream?
AFAIK every commit to the subtree must be done in the subtree branch and
then merged back to the "superproject"-branch with a subtree merge.

> I can add a subtree with a given prefix and pull/push my commits to
> the repository,
> but how do I do to pull/push commits from the main-project to the
> corresponding repository
> avoiding sub-projects to be sent?

You don't. A subtree is a subtree in your git-repo and is therefore a
part of your repository. When you're using subtree that project will be
a part of you project.

> An other question I have is when will be subtree included in git packages.
> I had to compile git from sources in order to get this feature.

git-subtree is a part of git, located in the contrib section. When your
software distribution choose to distribute that with your git-package
is not up to the git project to decide but something you need to ask
your package maintainer.

If you're asking when git-subtree will move from contrib/ to core git, I
don't know. That's a decision for Junio. I would argue that it shouldn't
because submodules can do everything that subtrees are good at and
git.git should focus on doing one solution well instead of doing the
same thing in two bad ways. However since git.git already uses a
subtree-like style for gitk, git-gui, etc.  it doesn't seem like Junio
agrees with me on this point.

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> Si ha recibido este correo por error, le informo de que puede contener 
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> If you have received  this e-mail by error, please note that it may contain 
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Is this really something to have in e-mails to a public list? Some lists
won't accept this type of e-mails, or simply just ignore you.

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