I wrote this script a few months ago and have been using it pretty much
daily since then, so I figure it's time to see if anyone else finds it

git-integration [1] is a script to help manage integration branches in
Git.  By defining a base point and a set of branches to be merged to
form the integration branch, git-integration lets you easily rebuild an
integration branch when anything in it changes, as well as showing you
the status of all of the branches in the integration branch.

For example, the instruction sheet for git-integration's "pu" branch
recently looked like this:

        base master

        merge make-clean

          Add a "clean" target to the makefile.

        merge version

          Support for "--version" option.

          N.B. this builds on "make-clean".

        merge skip-option

          Needs more work to be able to handle "branch not found".

This tells git-integration to base the "pu" branch on "master" and merge
the "make-clean", "version" and "skip-option" branches in.  The comments
following the "merge" instructions are added to the commit message for
the corresponding merge commit.  When I want to rebuild the "pu" branch
I simply do:

        $ git integration --rebuild pu

To change the contents of the branch, I either edit the instruction
sheet manually:

        $ git integration --edit pu

or quickly add a new branch from the command line:

        $ git integration --add my-new-branch pu

In fact, I can combine these to get the benefit of bash-completion on
the branch name and the ability to edit the instruction sheet - when
multiple commands are specified, git-integration performs each of them
in a sensible order, described in the manpage [2].

[1] http://johnkeeping.github.io/git-integration/
[2] http://johnkeeping.github.io/git-integration/git-integration.html
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