Jens Müller <blog <at>> writes:

> Hi all!
> I mainly use Git for version control, but have also tried out Mercurial.
> While I don't really like Mercurial in general, the idea of maintaining
> clearly separated patches with Mercurial Queues (MQ) is quite appealing.
> Therefore, I am looking for something similar (but easier to use, more
> "gitty" and maybe even more powerful) in Git.

On Git Homepage and on Git Wiki you can find a (partial) list of Git
tools.  Among those there are patch-management interface tools, such
as Guilt (formerly Git Queues (GQ), inspired by Mercurial Queues (MQ))
and StGit.

There is also TopGit, which is feature-branch management tools (which
seems like what you want, from what you written below).

Unfortunately I don't know which of those projects are actively

> So I will first explain what I have in mind:
> As an example, let's say I am doing test-driven development. My master
> branch follows the main repository of the software. Branched out from
> that, I have a branch called "feature-test", and branched out from that,
> "feature-implementation":
>     master
>     |_ feature-test
>        |_ feature-implementation
> For each branch, I remember the parent branch.
> Implementation would then work like this: I checkout feature-test and
> write some test. Then I checkout feature-implementation, rebase it to
> the current status of feature-test and write the implemenation. And so on.

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