> From: Duy Nguyen <pclo...@gmail.com>

> > With the above change, the test suite runs with zero failures, so it
> > doesn't affect any common Git usage.
> It means the test suite is incomplete. As you can see, the commit
> introducing this change does not come with a test case to catch people
> changing this.

Who should be blamed for omitting the test?

> > Can someone give me advice on what this code *should* do?
> It does as the function name says: given cwd, a prefix (i.e. a
> relative path with no ".." components) and a path relative to
> cwd+prefix, convert 'path' to something relative to cwd. In the
> simplest case, prepending the prefix to 'path' is enough. cwd is also
> get_git_work_tree().

But as you can see, the exact behavior that the function is intended
to exhibit regarding symlinks is not clear from the function name;
there should have been a real explanation in the comment above the

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