I'd like to rewrite the repack shell script in C.
So I tried the naive approach reading the man page and 
the script itself and write C program by matching each block/line 
of the script with a function in C

Now I stumble upon other git commands (git pack-objects).
What's the best way to approach such a plumbing command?

I don't think just calling cmd_pack_objects(argc, **argv) would 
be the right thing to do, as we're not using all the command 
line parameters, so some of the logic in cmd_pack_object could 
be skipped.
Another approach would be to use some of the functions as used 
by cmd_pack_objects, but these mostly reside in builtin/pack_objects.c
They'd need to be moved up to pack.h/pack.c.

So my question is, how you'd generally approach rewriting a 
shell script in C.


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