wor...@alum.mit.edu (Dale R. Worley) writes:

> I'm preparing some clarifications of SubmittingPatches to explain
> things that a new person (e.g., me) would not know.

I am not sure if SubmittingPatches is a good place, though.
The document is a guidance for people who contribute to _this_

But the specialness of the first paragraph applies to any project
that uses Git, so people other than those who contribute to this
project should be aware of it.

Originally we literally used "first line", but that made many things
like shortlog output and patch Subject: useless when people write a
block of text starting from the first line without a title.  Also
after resurrecting such a text from e-mail, "am" couldn't tell if
the "first line" on the "Subject:" is meant to be the first line of
the same first paragraph (which is not what we encourage), or it is
properly a single line title, and need a blank line before the first
line of the body.  So quite a while ago, we changed the rule to take
"the first paragraph" and use that in these places where we want to
give a title of a patch.

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